Troy Pottgen (TP) is a pretty good husband, dad and Phoenix-based Creative Director/Producer/Copywriter. People trust him. Kids relate to him. He often claimed to watch 100 movies and read 100 books a year, until his wife's meticulous documentation in 2012 proved otherwise. Between being invisible or fluent in every language, he chooses invisibility. And yes, he knows this is far less useful and far more trivial, but that’s his choice and he’s sticking with it. Troy loves to laugh and only lies for fun. People tell him he could be in politics.

Troy is uncomfortable being comfortable. Catholic guilt inspires his writing. He feels a talent not used for others is a crying shame. He wishes every person would give some time to Big Brothers Big Sisters and some cash to Camp to Belong, which reunites siblings separated by foster care. This is just his opinion, though, so feel free to do your own thing. If you ever greet him by saying, "Hey Troy, I love NARWHAL," he’ll buy you a coffee.

Troy found writing this bio in third-person to be incredibly therapeutic but would not elaborate when asked why. He invites you to peruse his site and thanks you for caring enough to read this all the way to the end.

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